Four girls, sixteen strings, and infinite possibilities make up the JADE QUARTET, an all-girl string quartet. Along with other collaborators, they provide music for concerts as well as corporate & social events, weddings, bar mitzvahs and more.

Jade Quartet is made up of two violinist/violists, another violinist, and a cellist.  They also use a bass player from time to time for recordings and performances.   All members are composers and arrangers so if you need strings for your new album or live show don’t hesitate to contact us through Efrat.  Look below to see past recordings with links for listening and for more in-depth details and sampling do not hesitate to contact Efrat about any questions you may have on strings.



JADE QUARTET Resurrected in 2007… members include Roswitha Bartu, Charisa Dowe, and Heyun Choi Fairbanks. The group has been performs intermittently at FatCat on Christopher St so check the Village Voice for current time slots.  They were honored to be part of Harry Whitakers group appearing at Smalls and FatCat with him before his untimely death in 2011.


-Jade Quartet was recently featured in an upcoming Ryan Leslie video.  Keep on the lookout for that coming at you soon! 


cover170x170OUR EXISTENCE IS AN ACCIDENT – INCOMPLETE DENIAL Jade Quartet, with former member Cynthia Marcus leading the group temporarily for this recording, lends their strings to two songs on this album.  Our Existence… has been called the groups Sergeants Pepper recording for the experimentation happening within.  According to former editor of Billboard and Musician Magazines Paul Sacksman, “Incomplete Denial is described as Skewed Funk Jazz Rock”.


0060251749935_600HEY BABY (AFTER THE CLUB) – ASHANTI The Jade Quartet is featured on this single released by Ashanti on the Universal Music Group label to worldwide acclaim in 2007.  Efrat transcribed music as sung to by producer Seven Aurelius and then brought Jade in to record the quartet part.




imagesSOMETHING BEAUTIFUL – BOBBIE EAKES Bobbie Diane Eakes is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role as Macy Alexander on The Bold and the Beautiful and for her role as Krystal Carey on All My Children.  The song, Something Beautiful, which features the Jade Quartet and Solos in the violin and cello, stayed in the top ten on the jazz billboard chart for 5 weeks.  This was the Jade Quartets first record in its original format with former string mates. They can also be heard on No More Lonely Nights, a Paul McCartney song which Paul even featured on his own website at the time of release.


Other groups Jade Quartet has recorded for:

-Phase 9,

-Elliot Lyman,

-Matt Stamm

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