-Efrats second CD, THE SILVER LINING.

The songs on Efrat’s sophomore release, The Silver Lining, are a blend of many styles – including folk, jazz, pop, klezmer, swing, and blues. Their lyrics and structure are a testament to finding strength during the trials of life and leaning on community






NO STRINGS ATTACHED    Efrats debut album comes as a result of the intersection of her move to NYC and her adoration of jazz and crossover work as a singer and violinist.  She performs some of her favorite standards I Fall in Love Too Easily, Black Orpheus, My One and Only Love, and Teach Me Tonight and also includes East of The Sun, Nice Work If You Can Get It with a backing string quartet. Her most celebrated composition, No Strings Attached, has received over 8 million views as part of the trailer for the Indie Film, How To Seduce Difficult Women. You can hear the old big bands wailing through her violin choir as she belts out this swinging song.  In So Late she draws on Miles Davis’ So What, and in Serenade the listener is given that… a serenade…  Notable musicians on this album: Joe Magnarelli (Harry Connick Jr) and Harry Whitaker (Miles Davis, Roberta Flack)


As a band member:

spuytenduyvil3TEMPTATION – SPUYTEN DUYVIL Efrat was a member of Spuyten Duyvil  (amped up Folk/Americana) from April 2012- January 2014.  You can hear her singing backing harmonies I’ll Fly Away, The Window, Temptation, Bitter, Old Abram, Scratch, and Everything I am.  She plays violin or viola on almost every song with featured solos on Honey on My grave and Bitter and created a breathtaking string section solo on Everything I Am.




OLD COUNTRY KLEZMER – TENNESSEE SCHMALTZ  Efrat was a member of the TNSchmaltz from 2000-2002.  You can hear her playing violin on just about every song.  TNSchmaltz, based in East TN, was a klezmer band that wove bluegrass, country, and jazz into their interpretations breathing new life and excitement to old Klezmer classics.




As a guest artist/sideman:

bobtown3A HISTORY OF GHOSTS – BOBTOWN  Efrat lends her violin to Darlin, Fosse Grimm, and Stitch in Time on this gorgeous third release from Bobtown. With a library of original material from five different writers, the Bobtown sound doesn’t easily fit into one genre. It certainly falls under the umbrella of folk/roots music, but often incorporates other styles as well. Their material features elements of country, pop, R&B, bluegrass, rock, gospel and field hollers, but the group is most widely recognized for its strong emphasis on vocal arrangements and harmony.


622cover-300x300SMOKIN HOT BASSOON BLUES – DANIEL SMITH Daniel Smith was a legend in the classical world beginning in the 1970s.  He has been featured by the BBC and NPRs All Things Considered, and Carnegie Hall. In his fourth jazz album to date Efrat is part of an all-star ensemble with notables such as Vince Ector (Wynton Marsalis/Jazz at Lincoln Center) and Greg “Organ Monk” Lewis.  You can hear Efrat on Night Train, Better Get Hit In Your Soul, and Mamacita. She also is a featured soloist on Senor Blues, Eddies Blues, and Moanin.


cover170x170 (1)2012 EP  – Eric Harrison Efrat lends her country violin licks and string writing talents to the song, Before You Were Born.  She liked this song SOOOO much she does a cover of it on her upcoming CD The Silver Lining, expected out this summer!





OMINOUS JOY – BRYAN WARD Bryan Ward was the founding member of the band Bonepony in 1990. “While I was in the band we released “Stomp Revival” on Capitol Records (Kenny Mims/ producer) and later put out “Traveler’s Companion” on our own label, Super Duper. Although I have mostly fond memories of those days, my life then was pretty lost in drugs and alcohol. I ran into Jesus in Mississippi in 1999 and turned a corner…I never came back.” Ominous Joy is Bryans second Christian contemporary album.  When he heard Efrat performing improvised solos on the Broadway show tour Oliver, he contacted her through the touring company to request her talents on Ominous Joy. Efrats violin virtuosity is featured on Jesus Girl and L’Amour De Dieu.


61xuO1rWX7LWAVES OF TIME – NO MUD NO LOTUS Waves of Time is a New Age music compilation with eastern influences from Karla Harby and Jimi Durso.  They feature many guests and interesting instrumentation including Harp, Tabla, Flute, Violin, Congas, Dulcetina, Guitar, Bass, Kalimba, Mandolin, Flutes, and Piano.  Efrat lends her violin on all songs with violin except for Shallow Grave, which features Josh Henderson.



infernos5EVOLUTION – THE INFERNOS BAND The Infernos Band is one of Americas premiere showbands.  This band features singer and composer Kenny Simmons of the Commodores (three time Grammy award winners) and singer Richie Rosato, formerly of The Duprees. On their album Evolution, Kenny Simmons handpicked Efrat as a featured guest artist for the song Missing You.





downloadHOW TO SEDUCE DIFFICULT WOMEN from producer Richard Temtchine (Dummy – Sundance Film Festival) is a funny story about sex and dating that takes place in NYC.  Two of Efrats songs from her album No Strings Attached are featured in the movie.  Her song Serenade and her title track No Strings Attached are included. The latter was even featured on the trailer as well, which has garnished over 8 million views on youtube.




Strings Work/Jade Quartet

 Coming soon:

 -Jade Quartet will be featured in an upcoming video of Ryan Leslie

-Sebastien Kole (co-writer of Jennifer Lopez Goin On featuring Lil Jon) has a debut CD coming out on Motown which features Efrats arranging, writing, and violin and viola skills.  She brought in her former professor, Rusty Holloway, to complete the string section with his bass on three songs.


0060251749935_600HEY BABY (AFTER THE CLUB) – ASHANTI The Jade Quartet is featured on this single released by Ashanti on the Universal Music Group label to worldwide acclaim in 2007.  Efrat transcribed music as sung to by producer Seven Aurelius and then brought Jade in to record the quartet part.



cover170x170OUR EXISTENCE IS AN ACCIDENT – INCOMPLETE DENIAL Jade Quartet, with former member Cynthia Marcus leading the group temporarily for this recording, lends their strings to two songs on this album.  Our Existence… has been called the groups Sergeants Pepper recording for the experimentation happening within.  According to former editor of Billboard and Musician Magazines Paul Sacksman, “Incomplete Denial is described as Skewed Funk Jazz Rock”.



YESTERDAYS – MYRNA LAKE WITH THE RUSLAN KHAIN BAND Myrna Lake was one of the old school jazz vocalists who performed almost to the very end.  This CD was her final CD as a jazz vocalist before leaving this earth.  Efrats violin and viola create a string ensemble, which can be heard on three songs on the album, Do Nothing Till You Hear For Me, I Fall In Love Too Easily, and the title track Yesterdays.




LET ME BE FRANK – FRANK SENIOR This is the debut album from singer extraordinaire Frank Senior.  In this project he injects soul and new life to the standard repertoire.  Efrats violin and viola create a strings ensemble, which can be heard on You’r Mine You, and Someone To Tell it To.  On The Very Thought Of You her violin and viola ensemble open up the song with a beautiful arrangement by Saul Rubin.




SONGS FOR LONGING – NOM DE PLUME (SARA GENN) Sara Genn’s Fender Rhodes trio is a moving meditation on longing and creative desire. Sara is accompanied by Keith Witty on double bass and Christopher Eddleton on drums.  Efrat once again creates a strings ensemble using her violin and viola.  She can be heard on Any Girl, Fragile Baby, and Athabasca.  In Fragile Baby Efrat creates a gorgeous instrumental break around 230, and in Athabasca, you can hear the violin explore its ability as a soundscaping instrument rather than a lyrical one.


imagesSOMETHING BEAUTIFUL – BOBBIE EAKES Bobbie Diane Eakes is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role as Macy Alexander on The Bold and the Beautiful and for her role as Krystal Carey on All My Children.  The song, Something Beautiful, which features the Jade Quartet and Solos in the violin and cello, stayed in the top ten on the jazz billboard chart for 5 weeks.  This was the Jade Quartets first record in its original format with former string mates. They can also be heard on No More Lonely Nights, a Paul McCartney song which Paul even featured on his own website at the time of release.

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