Efrat is available for Workshops as well as Individual & Group Instrumental Lessons. All Workshops/ Classes are individualized for age and skill set.


THE ART OF MUSIC AND SONG WORKSHOP is geared toward kids of all ages and is fun for teachers and parents too!  During a 45 min set (Assembly/ Classroom, etc.) Efrat educates on basic musical knowledge and understanding through performance and interactive music exercises as she goes through 6-8 different kinds of songs we hear in our daily lives as humans on this planet. Including her voice she brings 6 different instruments along so that kids can also learn about some of the different instruments out there! (the number of instruments is continually expanding so ask for current updates when you inquire!) VIDEO COMING SOON!!!

Age range: 2-18
Length: 60 minute, multi-day or week-long residencies
Group Size: any size, classroom to large assembly hall


ACROSS THE WORLD OF MUSIC. As a 30 year veteran of music study Efrat has crossed multiple genres and countries in her knowledge of music.  In this performance Efrat guides us over land and sea around the world with different styles of music.  Once again, she incorporates multiple instruments (sometimes at the same time!) to educate on musical instruments as well as the beautiful music they make in different places around our world.

Age range: 2-18
Length: 60 minute, multi-day or week-long residencies
Group Size: any size, classroom to large assembly hall


LETS WRITE A SONG WORKSHOP uses professional songwriting techniques to help students create their own songs. During the workshop we work together to create a song as a group! I bring in my keyboard and computer and at the end of the day students will go home with printed music of the song we create  together! They will also go home with these new skills outlined in pamphlet with bullet points and suggestions for working on their own. This workshop is adaptable to fit current curriculum in poetry, literature, or creative writing, and much more.

Age range: All Ages
Length: 60 minute, multi-day or week-long residencies
Group Size: up to 30.



AS AN INSTRUMENTAL TEACHER in Violin, Viola, Voice, Piano for Singers, and Beginning Piano I love to work with students and pass on my love for music to professionals and hobbyists as well as aspiring musicians. After almost twenty years of both private and group teaching, I have prize-winning students and those who have concertized internationally and have even appeared in feature movies!!!  I work well with all ages and levels and styles and have a lot of experience working in private lessons settings as well as group lessons.  I have extensive experience in many genres of music, and have performed or recorded for artists such as Ryan Leslie, Olivia Newton Jon, Ashanti, and Bobbie Eakes, and many more!  Therefore I can teach not only the basics on violin, viola, or voice, and piano; I can also teach differing styles.  On top of instrumental private and group lessons I also teach songwriting, composition, arranging, and theory.  I also work with singers to gain theory and piano knowledge to assist them in their musical studies.

I have a Masters in Music and was a full scholarship student of Mark Zelmanovich (former member of the world famous Israeli Philharmonic) at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. During my undergrad I studied at Indiana Universtiy with Yuval Yaron and Henry Kowalski. I have also performed in orchestra under conductor superstars Zubin Mehta (3 Tenors Concert), and Kurt Mazur (NY Philharmonic).  I studied with jazz greats David Baker, Joe Magnarelli (Harry Connick Jr.), Harry Whitaker (Roberta Flack), Jerry and Patty Coker, and Rusty Holloway (Stan Getz). Moreover, I have with folk and country greats such as Charlie Acuff and with hip-hop greats 7 Aurelius (J-Lo, Ja Rule, Ashanti) and Red Spyda.  I can teach MANY STYLES/GENRES!!!

My method for music education draws upon Suzuki, American, Russian, and Contemporary schools.  They all have wonderful elements for music education so I like to combine the best of each to give my students a better understanding of music.  I also like to include technical development based on study of movement and techniques including Alexander technique, Feldenkrais technique, and Physiology and Physics.  I find these inclusions essential to make sure any developing string players can guard against injuries and pain from practice or overuse.  I am also always checking out Strings Magazine and Strad, as well as and more, for new developments in performance and education tactics as well as reading new books that come out about music education.

Please contact me HERE to inquire about workshops and lessons.  Thanks for visiting!


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